Q: What is better than a Vacation?

A: A Volvo Vacation

Our Overseas Delivery is a first-class experience with an itinerary designed by Volvo exclusively for you.Your delivery experience will be a first-class experience with an itinerary designed by Volvo exclusively for you.Volvo Overseas Delivery customers. You will arrive Gothenburg, Sweden, and upon your arrival, we will be there to pick you up and drive you to your hotel. On the following day, you will be driven to the Volvo Factory Delivery Center where your new Volvo we be waiting for you. Our English-speaking staff we welcome you with warm smiles and they will give you you time to relax in the exclusive state-of-the-art facilities of the Volvo Overseas Delivery Center. One of our staff members will help you get to know your new Volvo and all its exciting features. After meeting your new Volvo, you can experience the wonder of our Swedish culture with lunch and fika.You will then be invited to take a Factory tour and you will see where your new Volvo came to life and discover what makes it so unique at the Volvo Cars Brand Experience Center.After you visit, your adventure begins. It is now time for you to get to know your new Volvo one on one. Turn it in and hit the road and begin a new adventure in Sweden, the birthplace of your new Volvo.

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